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How Russia’s Anti-Tobacco Laws Will Impact Philip Morris — Trefis

How Russia’s Anti-Tobacco Laws Will Impact Philip Morris — Trefis.

and the other big tobacco companies.   This week we have seen France and Russia take major steps against tobacco companies, and India expressing strong interest in adopting he sort of plain packs that Australia will introduce later this year.

Tobacco control initiatives are clearly accelerating around the world as the world wide web enables policy makers to find out about and  implement evidence-based policies that are proving successful elsewhere, in recognition of the fact that tobacco places a huge financial burden on the economy, not just through long term health care, but lost productivity.

The World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is proving more and more influential.  Traditionally, economic ministries have been the friends in government of big tobacco, but the realisation that tobacco imposes huge net costs on the economy means that finance ministers are now much less willing to listen to Big Tobacco and its lobbyists.

Unfortunately many business organisations at national and international level still treat the tobacco industry as one of their own.  I predict that in just a few years being associated with Big Tobacco in any way will be  bad business.   As the industry is predicted to kill one billion people this century (that isn’t a typo  -ONE BILLION) without effective tobacco control,  the backlash will surely come.

Tobacco shares have taken a beating this week.  Time to sell up, pension funds?

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